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 2010 Manifest

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PostSubject: 2010 Manifest   Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:12 pm

Welcome to the inaugural season of the Super Dynasty Hockey League (SDHL). We look forward to being a competitive and fun league where everyone participates, making it the best that it can be. Following are the rules and regulations for the SDHL.


This will be a 10 team dynasty league where you will build your team for now and the future. There will be a 5 round “prospect team” draft where you can draft players with less than 50 NHL games experience for skaters (F & D) and 30 NHL games experience for goalies and are also signed/drafted by an NHL team. The order of the “prospect team” draft is the reverse order of the inaugural 2010 September draft. In the September draft, you may pick “prospects” and/or experienced NHL players. The league will use www.hockeydb.com for player stats to determine draft eligibility.

At the end of both drafts, each team will have a total roster of 30. At the mid-season draft (which is a 5-round draft), to be held sometime around New Year’s Day, rosters will be expanded to 33.

Subsequent September drafts will be the reverse order of the previous year’s finish. The mid-season draft will be determined in mid-December which will also be in reverse order of standings at that determined point in time.


Categories will be as follows;

Goals (G) and Assists (A) are worth 1 point each.
Power Play Goals (PPG) will be worth an extra point.
Power Play Assists (PPA) will be worth an extra half point.
Shots on Goals (SOG) will be worth .2 per shot.

Goalies Wins (W) will be worth 2 points.
Shutouts (SO) will be worth an extra 5 points.
Saves (SV) will be worth .2 per save.


Entry fee will be 100.

Approximately 27 weekly award prize is 10 per.
Category winner is 25 per category; G, A, PPG, PPA, W and SO.

1st place finish is 70% of remaining (approx. 406).
2nd place finish is 20% of remaining (approx 116).
3rd place finish is 10% of remaining (approx. 58).


For the inaugural drafts, both prospect and experienced, trading will not be allowed. Trading will be allowed following the completion of the draft. At first, teams will only be allowed to trade draft picks for the mid-season draft in 2011 and the September 2011 draft. As the league progresses, the allowable period will be expanded to two years.

Unequal trades are allowable but for the first half of the season you can only carry a total of 30 players. If the trade puts your team over the limit, you must drop the required amount to get your team to league maximum.

Each team will have to vote on trades. Only in extreme cases should you veto a trade. If a trade seems UNFAIRLY lopsided, owners have 3 days to vote against trade. Collusion should be the only concern. Remember that trades happen for different reasons. During the off-season, two weeks will be the time limit to veto a trade. I think the makeup of this league is one of the best I have seen and don’t perceive any problems with trades. Please don’t prove me wrong.

Trading will be restricted from the NHL trading deadline until the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs.


Weekly lineup changes must be made before the start of Monday’s action. Stats are accumulated per starting lineup in games played Monday through Sunday.

Weekly lineup consists of 2 LW, 2 RW, 2 C, 5 D, 4 additional F and 2 G and then 8 Bench with a 5 man prospect team to start. We will use the position designations on the ESPN fantasy website.


The league will continue the power of the Mario Rule to enforce any issues that may come up unexpectedly. The commissioner will be given the power to decide on unforeseen events that will uphold the integrity of the league intact.

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2010 Manifest
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