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PostSubject: Your Profile   Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:55 am

If you want to change your team name or add an avatar for your team, everything can be done under the "PROFILE" link above next to the MESSAGE center. A pop up box will show when you logon if you have a new message and/or the MESSAGE lick above will flash RED. As a courtesy, when you receive a message for a trade proposal or any other such thing, please reply with an answer promptly acknowledging that you receieved with a response. Just a common courtesy.

In the profile you could enter whatever information you want the others to see. The league is not open to outsiders and they are prohibited from registering as I have blocked new users. As is always the case, there could be hackers, but probably not in here.

You can edit your own messages but sometimes youwon't see the changes until you logoff logon again but others do see the changes even if you don't. The edit button is on the top right in the message box.

You can also respond to something someone said by highlighting the part you want to reply to and hit QUOTE also in the top right of the message box.

Or you may want to create something totally new, and want it to appear in its own little section. Click on "NEW POST" either in the forum or in the topic area. Two different and distinct areas so be careful on where you want it to appear.

The boxes up top in the message box is your toolbar, you can add pictures, videos, etc. I am not too familiar with them yet but play around I'm sure it's pretty easy.

In MEMBERLIST you can see when the last time someone was logged on. Usually latest one on top, which would be YOU...lol.

That's about all you need to know about this site.

Please register on the ESPN site as some of you have not done yet. Tizzy has registered and signed on but still has et to make his second round pick, so something is definitely wrong with this picture.

anyway, have fun and see you soon


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